Training a dog is a long and difficult process. Any owner has to go through months of frustration before their companion is even housetrained. How can you find a trainer that can help speed this process along?

Full Contact K9 is Duluth’s leader in dog training and services. Our team has been based in Atlanta for years and we have experience working with dogs of all ages and breeds. In almost every case, we reach one common step: unleashing their full potential.

Leading Duluth in obedience and protection training

Our team offers two basic training programs for dogs and their owners: obedience and protection. Obedience training involves teaching your dog how to obey basic commands. At the same time, we also teach your companion how to behave around other dogs and other people, so that social settings are never a hassle.

Protection training is a more serious commitment, but one that has enormous benefits. With only a few months of practice, your dog can be transformed into a seasoned guard dog – maintaining the safety of you and your family in the most important times.

Top-rated dog sales

In addition to our training services, our team also raises a handful of young dogs for sale. Rather than a dog breeder, we simply adopt some of the finest young dogs that we raise until there is a caring home that is willing to adopt them.

When we choose these dogs, there are dozens of important qualities that influence our selection. Appearance is obviously an important factor, but often-overlooked attributes like health and intelligence are integral part of our decision.

Our team sells only the highest caliber dogs and our decades of combined experience allow us to select the finest canine companions in the Southeast. With our help, many happy owners have even entered their dogs into national competitions and a wide range of service K9 roles as well.

We also import a handful of breeds from abroad, so that you have access to the finest breeds from around the world.

Next time you’re walking through Shorty Howell or McDaniel Farm Park, remember Full Contact K9 as your destination for dog training and sales. Call us today at 678-235-5959!