About Us

            Full Contact K-9 offers the best in German Shepherd dog training and puppy development in Georgia. Serving all of metropolitan Atlanta, including the cities of Fayetteville, Vinings and Buckhead, Full Contact K-9 trains and sells the best breeds of dog for families and individuals looking to add a pet to their lives.

Dogs can be easily trained to protect and obey their owners, and at Full Contact K-9 we know the value of a working relationship between pet and owner. All of our programs and training are geared towards preserving the safety and well being of our clients and their furry companions.


Located just outside of Lawrenceville to the north of Atlanta, the city of Dacula embodies small town southern charm. Located near many of metropolitan Atlanta’s biggest attractions, like the Mall of Georgia, and growing at an extremely fast pace, Dacula still manages to feel like an untapped secret hidden in the outskirts of Gwinnett County- with just under 5,000 residents, small-town Dacula is a great place to raise a family.

German Shepherd Puppies

            At Full Contact K-9 we know the importance of creating a bond between a pet and their family. We offer puppies and puppy packages so that families in Dacula can have access to top-of-the-line, ready to train protection German Shepherd and Malinois puppies.

Our puppy packages are a hands-on experience for both pet and owner. During puppy development training, puppies are house trained and socialized and can respond to basic commands. This ensures that from the beginning, you and your puppy are learning together the way to stop unwanted behavior and create a mutually beneficial, loving relationship between pet and master.

Full Contact K-9 also offers fully trained German Shepherds for a family that wants a more mature dog. German Shepherds are fast becoming a family favorite due to their intelligence and quick learning. They pick up skills quickly and easily, and can be trained to protect their families and homes from intruders while remaining docile and friendly pets. There are three different levels of protection and obedience training that dogs can receive at Full Contact K-9, each catered to a specific end result. Whether you want your dog to become protective on command or patrol the perimeters of your property, obey basic commands or be completely controllable off-leash, there is something for every family and every dynamic.

Obedience Training

Full Contact K-9 offers basic, intermediate and advanced obedience training for German Shepherds so that your dog will be listening to and obeying commands within a few short sessions. Basic training will teach your dog the fundamentals of sitting, staying and lying down, as well as waiting at the door and automatically sitting when their master stops walking. Intermediate training builds on these skills so that dogs respond to hand signals as well as verbal ones, and begins prepping your dog for off-leash obedience training. Advanced training, when completed, will have your dog obeying all commands on or off a leash. At Full Contact K-9, we make it simple for you to have the dog of your dreams.