About Us

As a full service canine training business, Full Contact K-9 operate on a basis of client satisfaction and quality of the dogs we sell. Whether you are looking for protection or obedience training, or just for a dog or puppy from a high class European bloodline, Full Contact K-9 will step up to fulfill your needs. The Full Contact K-9 difference can be seen within just a few training sessions, guaranteed.


Known as the heart of Silicon Valley, the city of Cupertino is nestled in the western region of Santa Clara County. With 150 acres of parks and golf courses, Cupertino is ideal for active residents and visitors in search of an outdoor experience located in close proximity to city life. Cupertino is praised for the quality of life that its residents enjoy, and is ranked high on lists of the happiest and wealthiest small towns in the United States.

Safety is a high priority in Cupertino, which has a reputation for safe neighborhoods and good schools. Families in Cupertino want to ensure that the low crime rates their city enjoys remain consistent, and often find incorporating a protection dog into daily life to serve as family pet and protector is a popular decision in this high-tech region.

Protection dogs

At Full Contact K-9, we offer fully trained protection dogs as well as several levels of training for dogs that our clients already own.

Premier protection dogs can become aggressive when signaled by their owner. IF you like to walk alone or are looking for a family dog with the ability to scare off potential threats, dogs trained at the premier protection level are ideal for you. The next level of protection training, the premier elite level, is the most suitable for active individuals and families who are constantly on the move. Whether you need a dog that can secure your home while you are away or a companion to watch out for you during any activity, premier elite dogs are your best bet.

Advanced Family and Estate K-9s are given the best training that Full Contact K-9 offer. These dogs are fierce and intelligent protectors. They can secure the grounds of your home or estate, and patrol your property for intruders independently. Not all dogs will need this level of training, but for many high profile figures, there is no better personal bodyguard than a Full Contact K-9 given this level of training.

Obedience training

Our trained dogs have been hand selected to be receptive to protective training as well as obedience training. From the time your dog is a puppy they are eligible for obedience training. Puppy training will teach your dog to be social and treat your home and belongings with respect. Basic obedience dog training will see your dog obeying many on-leash commands like staying and waiting at the door. Intermediate obedience dog training will teach your dog to respond to hand signals in addition to the verbal signals taught in the previous level, while advanced obedience training, the final level, will have your dog fully obeying off leash commands, giving you total control of them in any situation. No matter the dog or the level of training you choose, Full Contact K-9 deliver the best in personalized dog training and dog sales in the country.