About Us

We are a full service canine training service now conveniently serving Silicon Valley, California. At Full Contact K-9, we train dogs in obedience and protection training, as well as sell adult dogs and puppies either fully trained or ready to be trained. We select our dogs from breeds and bloodlines of the highest quality, so that you can find the best possible match for you and your family, whatever the size or needs.


Located in Santa Clara County, the large city of Campbell, California is part of a community of the world’s greatest technological innovators, Silicon Valley. Though the origins of eBay can be traced back to Campbell, it remains largely a suburban residential area with a hometown heart. With a skate park and an abundance of family-friendly activities such as aquatic centers, recreational and fitness facilities and a hometown theatre, the city of Campbell blends the best bits of history with the promise of the future.

With many dog-friendly parks and the recent edition of the off-leash Los Gatos Creek County Dog Park, Campbell is a dog lover’s paradise and a destination for any dog owner in search of a place to start their family.

Protection dog training

Full Contact K-9 offers varying levels of protection dog training. Each case needs to be assessed individually, but most dogs fall into one of three categories of protection training. Premier protection dogs are trained at a basic level to react aggressively when signaled by their owner. These dogs are great for families because they only show aggression when prompted, but still have the ability to protect. Premier elite protection dogs are great for individuals who are active in outdoor running or hiking, or for active families who want a technical, protective dog for their home. These dogs are the most versatile, and this is the most popular level of protection training offered by Full Contact K-9.

The final level of protection dogs, Advanced Family and Estate K-9s, are great for individuals with large. exclusive property. They act as bodyguards or can work independently, patrolling grounds and securing homes. We also have an array of protection dogs for sale, already trained and ready to join you and your lifestyle.  Just ask about our available breeds!

Puppies for sale

Many pet owners prefer to have their dog from a puppy to establish a strong bond or give their children the puppy experience. Whatever the reason for preferring a puppy, Full Contact K-9 offer puppies that are house trained and have basic skills for integrating easily into any home. Full Contact K-9 puppies are ideal candidates for obedience and protection training because they have been selected specifically for their positive attributes such as intelligence and healthy constitution.

Customer service is the center of our business, so we work at an individual level with each client to ensure satisfaction and to find the best possible fit. If we do not currently carry the breed of dog you are seeking, we can handle the hassle for you and locate a high-class bloodline within the breed of your choice.