About Us

Full Contact K-9 is a dog training service specializing in the training of German Shepherd and Malinois dogs and puppies. We take the finest breeds from all around the world and train our dogs to be fierce, loyal companions. With several levels of training intensity, it’s easy to find the right fit for your dog and routine. Full Contact K-9 want to help you find the dog that fits the needs and wants of your family so that you can feel safe at home and away.


In the northern part of Fulton County lies one of the one of the fastest growing economic centers in the southeast: the city of Buckhead. Buckhead boasts one of the first malls built in the United States, Lenox Square Mall, as well as countless shopping destinations and business centers. The city is also home to many neighborhoods and residential areas tucked quietly into the suburbs. Buckhead merges the bustle of Atlanta and a bit of southern charm into one affluent, family-oriented city.

Single-family homes dominate the landscape of Buckhead, with many residents living in homes nestled into forests and hills that easily separate home life from city life. One of the drawbacks to having the luxury of space and shade from trees, however, is the isolation some homes face. Buckhead residents want to feel safe in their homes and know that they can leave the house with a sense of security, and Full Contact K-9 can provide just that.

Dog Training

Full Contact K-9’s mission is to provide top service dogs to the people of Georgia, and with our multi-step programs it’s never been easier to train your dog. If you’re starting out with a German Shepherd or Malinois puppy, Full Contact K-9 offers training from the start that will educate both you and your dog. Puppy Development training enriches the bond between pet and master and provides beneficial skills for puppies such as housebreaking, socialization and learning other appropriate behaviors.

We also offer obedience and protection dog training at a variety of levels. Obedience training will have your German Shepherd responding to commands both on and off the leash, while the protection dog training levels equip dogs to do everything from fundamental family protection to estate guarding. Each level of training contains basic skills for dog and owner both to grow and develop as a team.

Full Contact K-9 also sells fully trained German Shepherds to families and individuals in immediate need of a protection dog for their homes. Our fully-trained dogs are chosen from world-class breeds and come to you already equipped to protect your home and surrounding property from unwanted guests. Whatever your preference, Full Contact K-9 has dog training solutions made with you in mind.

Contact Us

If you live in Buckhead and are considering adding a pet to your family, give us a call. At Full Contact K-9 we will work with you to find the best fit for your family and lifestyle, whether that be a German Shepherd puppy you can train as they grow, or a full-grown dog trained to be loyal and protective from the beginning. Visit our site for a listing of available dogs, testimonials and prices or call us today!