About Us

Full Contact K-9 is a dog training business serving the greater area of Silicon Valley, California. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Full Contact K-9 specialize in training, breeding and dog sales. We focus on the training and selling of both puppies and adult dogs, using a variety of techniques to get the best performance out of each K-9. When you bring your dog to us, you’ve taken the first step to unleashing their Full Contact K-9 potential.


Part of Santa Cruz County, the city of Aptos is known as the gateway to the lush scenery of the Monterey Bay marine sanctuary. Though a small town, Aptos has a long history dating back to Native American inhabitation, which first gave the area of Aptos creek its name. Aptos is a beautiful place for active adventurers and families to settle. Mountain bikers and hikers can enjoy the wonders of Nisene Marks State Park, and surfers can ride the waves of Aptos’ scenic beaches. Tourists love Aptos for its small town charms like the world’s “shortest” Fourth of July parade and the annual Aptos Blues Festival. The historic Bayview Hotel also draws many visitors each year.

Whatever their place in the community, families of all sizes enjoy life in Aptos. The climate and family friendly environment of Aptos make it ideal for existing pet owners and those looking to add a dog to their life on the West coast.

Obedience Training

In addition to protection and puppy development training, Full Contact K-9 also offer obedience training to adult dogs and puppies. If you’ve struggled with conventional methods of obedience training or just can’t find a program that works for you, look no further than Full Contact K-9. Whether you buy your puppy from us or bring in your own unruly pet, we’ll work with you to devise a strategy to train your dog to obey your every wish.

Our basic obedience training is best for young dogs and puppies that are just learning the ropes of listening and responding to commands. Dogs that are trained at the basic level are taught to lie down, heel, stay and many other common commands. Basic training is great as it serves as a foundation of skills for any dog to master. When this level has been completed, these dogs are ready to move on to higher levels of obedience training or to protection level work.

Intermediate obedience dog training builds easily and naturally on the skills mastered in the basic training level. In addition to previous skills, dogs trained at the intermediate level are also taught to obey many on-leash commands through hand signals and voice commands. These dogs can come to an automatic sit when walking or automatically lie down during a walk, as well as stand and respond to hand signals without voice commands. Advanced obedience dog training is the highest level of training, and prepares any dog to obey off leash commands while the owner remains in complete control. This can be great for dogs that live inside with families or frequent off leash dog parks.

Whatever the level or type of training you’re looking for, consider Full Contact K-9 your source for all things related to getting the best possible performance of your dog.